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Our school Gesamtschule Hemer is a Comprehensive School founded in 2009 with the aim of becoming Europaschule which means that our focus lies on European topics and ideals as well as teaching European languages (also in bilingual classes) and cultivating European contacts through exchanges and multinational projects. Our school team got experience in conducting European projects and organizing meetings.
Currently we have about 960 students from year 5 (age 10) to year 12 (age 17 /18) and 65 teachers. Next year we will have reached year 13 with an additional number of 150 students.
Our classes are organized in different profiles like Europe, Music, Technology, Sports and Health and MINT which is an ICT class, a combination of Maths, computer science and technology.
At our school all German school certificates can be obtained and depending on student’s aims they leave our school after year 10 with the Hauptschulabschluss (a basic school certificate) or Mittlerer Abschluss (equivalent to the British GCSE) or year 13 with the Abitur (A-level).

In the area of the use of Computer Technology and Social Media we have profile classes (MINT) which focus on the use of computer technology. Each student has a laptop and learns to work with different programmes. Their classrooms as well as the science rooms are equipped with smartboards.
For the younger students we also offer extracurricular activities on ICT skills.
The school also trains so called media scouts who teach younger students how to deal with social media (tell them about the dangers etc.).
All teachers of our school are trained to use moodle an Internet Learning Platform that is a course management system to communicate with each other, to upload curricula and other materials for colleagues as well as for students. Also, students can upload their work for the teachers.
Furthermore, some teachers participated in etwinning courses.
For our A-level students we offer a study room equipped with laptops and a Wifi connection to work on projects, do Internet research and to prepare for classes and exams. Additionally there is a technology course in year 12 in which the students learn to build and program robots.
Furthermore, year 7 has a project day on cybermobbing with role plays, change of perspectives etc..
The advantages and disadvantages of the use of the Internet and Social Media are also part of some of our curricula and are dealt with in different subjects such as German, English, Spanish and Social Studies.



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