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The 3rd Gymnasium of Iraklion is located in the city of Iraklion, on the island of Crete, a region worth exploring with rich history, tradition and landmarks of cultural heritage. It is one of the oldest high schools of the city. It started functioning in 1931 and it is one of the largest high schools in Iraklion. Nowadays, the school is located on a relatively new building and has over 550 students and 53 teachers. We have 22 classes of general education and two more classes with students experiencing deafness where lessons are taught by qualified teaching staff. Lessons start at 08.10 and finish at 14.10. The majority of our students are Greek who need to keep up with all rapid changes. There are also immigrants who try to integrate into the mainstream society.
The principal aim of our school is to provide high quality services at all levels as well as to help teenagers develop personalities with high ideals and universal values. Another significant goal is the integration of our students in the current socio-political life of our region and country, as well as to help children acquire the background knowledge which will enable them to be well prepared for the next educational level.
Besides acquiring insight into core school subjects, the ultimate goal of our school is to highlight the various skills and unfold the talents of the students in order to create a safe and friendly environment for them within which they will have the chance to develop freely their personality and explore their potentials to the fullest. For the above reasons in addition to the core curriculum, we implement various cultural, environmental and sport programmes as well as excursions and educational visits every year in our school which promote learning through actual experience and enhance students’ active participation in the learning process.
Our school teachers are characterized by a high sense of responsibility and try to meet our students increasing needs and expectations, having always in mind the fact that these young people will be the next generation that will take action and will be involved in the decision-making process in the upcoming years. Therefore, our teachers’ work and constant effort needs to ensure that this young generation will have a substantial presence in the scientific, social and cultural life of the country as individuals and European citizens. Indubitably, a potential European partnership within the framework of Erasmus+ will contribute towards this direction. The feedback which teachers receive from the students when they reach their goals is an important motive for them to implement innovative methods in order to become as effective as possible in their pedagogical work.

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