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Kaunas Tadas Ivanauskas pro gymnasium is situated in Kaunas city. It is the second largest city in Lithuania.
Kaunas Tadas Ivanauskas pro gymnasium is the name of a public school that includes pre-school, primary and a lower secondary school (for students who are 11-14 years old). At this moment there are 850 students and 60 teachers. We are quite well-equipped as for the Lithuanian standards. All classrooms have computers and the Internet connection, also there are smarboards in some classrooms.
The school uses the electronic control to enter into. This provides security for students and their parents. Teachers capture all information about the lessons, homework, after-school activities in the electronic diary. Moreover our school is equipped with Smartboards, where students are able to perform their tasks using tablets.
School is named after the famous Lithuanian naturalist Tadas Ivanauskas behalf, therefore many events are on the topic of ecological projects, nature conservation theme. School social partners are Lithuanian zoo, Tado Ivanausko Nature museum and Kaunas Botanical garden. Partners regularly support various initiatives for students. They are interested in the Erasmus + projects at school.
The school focuses a lot on cooperation with school‘s community. There is a lot of events for parents, students, teachers and school social partners. At school, every year there are a traditional feasts: fiesta of dance, music and dance evening for parents and teachers, sport festival, family talent show, first graders and their parents inauguration to the school community.
Atmosphere at school is friendly and cooperating. School teachers are open to learning and teaching innovations. They are actively involved in various national and international programs, do projects and participate in them. School administration supports the initiatives of teachers to participate in the Erasmus + projects. The school in the past has participated in 2 international Comenius projects and participate in 2 ERASMUS+ projects since 2016. Also school teachers developed a youth exchange project and it successfully conducted together with partners from Poland.
The accumulated experience allows us to feel secured we will be able to lead the planning and execution of the project activities and guarantee that innovative and quality created by teachers and students will use the means of many schools in all partner countries
We participate in this partnership as the coordinator, having an essential role in the design and development of the project plan. Our ambition is to create a positive climate and close communication and cooperation among all partners, in order to achieve in maximum all of our objectives.


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